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In his native country of Cote d’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast), Zadi Zokou (Antony Zokou Silvere) was a writer for educational television programming. Zadi’s career turned towards filmmaking when one of his first screenplays won a competition for young African screenwriters. Zadi was trained in screenwriting and the technical aspects of film and audio-visual production in his own country, as well as in Burkina-Faso, Tunisia, France, Canada and Japan. He has written screenplays for several internationally funded film projects that were disseminated throughout the West Africa region to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Since moving to the US in 2005, Zadi has done documentary film course work at Mass College of Art, and produced three short documentaries, Riding A Bicycle In Natick, Eliza My Songbird (A Documentary About Autism,) and The First Annual African Festival of Boston. He has also produced Praying Town, a feature length documentary on the history of Native Americans and African American slaves of Natick and Southern New England. In 2011, he helped Boston University produce a Documentary on introducing American Elementary School Students to Africa. The same year, he went to Burundi (East Africa) for three screenplays on health-related subjects.




"I have worked with Zadi on many French-to-English translations for Pathfinder International (a global health nonprofit), and I have always been exceptionally happy with his work quality and his professionalism. Zadi is always very prompt in his replies and can turn projects around with lightning speed. He has worked on a range of training materials—from cue cards for contraceptive counseling to materials that help small nonprofits strengthen their management systems. He is always a pleasure to work with—I can’t recommend him highly enough!"

Olivia Moseley
Technical Advisor for Instructional Design - International NGO

Zadi Zokou Productions (ZZP) is experienced in a variety of communications services, including English to French language translation for international health and development. Translation products have included tools, guides, and manuals for family planning, maternal child health, and HIV and AIDS programs in Africa.

I am the founder of ZZP, originally from Côte d’Ivoire, and currently based in the Boston area. I am a native French speaker with a background in education and screenwriting. Over the past ten years, I have consulted for several International NGOs as well as Colleges and Universities. Thanks to my experience as a teacher and screenwriter, I am familiar with global health terminology, and extremely detail-oriented.

I have done over a hundred translation works I also do video subtitles, as shown on the next page.