Black n’ Black



This project intends to bring African Americans and African immigrants together through a video that both communities can use throughout the country to talk to each other and start a real dialogue.


As an African immigrant myself, my first goal was to celebrate kinship with my brothers and sisters African Americans. But when I told friends about this project, the reaction was the same on both African American and African immigrants sides: the relationship between both communities is not as warm as one could imagine.

Intrigued, I decided to investigate.


Both communities hold some unflattering perceptions of each other. Therefore, for many African immigrants, African Americans are violent, have a “I don’t care” attitude, or don’t use the “many opportunities” the society offers. On the other side, many African Americans think Africans are “uncivilized” people, fight useless wars, and come from countries that survive on aid and donations! I could go on and on… Which ones of these perceptions can be considered as stereotypes? As facts? 

However, beyond the perceptions lie some very deep issues. Among them are:

  • The African involvement in the Slave Trade 
  • The cultural differences 
  • The Rivalry over the Affirmative Action in colleges
  • The relationships with Whites…


To explore these issues, have a better understanding of them, and suggest solutions, I plan to interview African American and African scholars, community leaders, and everyday people from both communities.

However the movie will not be built on interviews only. We will also show activities individuals and organizations implement to bring both communities together, hoping that their work will inspire and help other individuals and organizations throughout the United States who fight for the same objectives.

The project intends also to be educational. Therefore, part of it will be about the history of forced and voluntary immigration, the Civil Rights Movement in the US, Africa before, during and after the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and Africa today.



Professor Tufts University - Strong Ties with Niger

Pearl Robinson, PhD
Professor Tufts University – Former Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger

Mukoma Wa NGugi, PhD
Assistant Professor Cornell University – Author of an Essay on the Relationships between African Americans and African Immigrants

Carol Hector – Harris
Journalist – Working on her PhD
Found her African Relatives in Ghana

Franck Peacock
Recent Graduate from College – Exposure to African Immigrants through work

Trina Jackson
Community Activist – Coordinator Network of Immigrant and African American Solidarity

Cassondra Turner – Liwanga
Lawyer – Lived in South Africa for Research purpose Married to an African Immigrant

Roger – Claude Liwanga
Lawyer – Married to an African American

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